The Business Astrologer™

About Business Astrology Syndication

Christeen Skinner, writing as The Business Astrologer™, writes a number of weekly and monthly astrological columns and horoscopes - all of them covering different aspects of international business, finance and people's working lives. These columns are syndicated to newspapers, magazines, newsletters, journals and websites around the world.

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Why you should syndicate!

  • For now, there is nothing like these columns available anywhere in the world.
  • They are written by one of the world's foremost practising business astrologers.
  • Because they are syndicated, they are available to you at a fraction of the price you would pay a top-flight astrologer.
  • You can still get exclusive rights for your country AND use the column on your website at no extra charge.
  • By focusing on areas like careers, money and travel, they offer a radically new approach to astrology. They are guaranteed to get your readers talking and coming back to your publication regularly.

In outline, syndication gives you the right to reproduce the column(s) you have licensed, in your publication for the period of your licence. [This automatically includes the right to publish the column on your publication's website, at no extra cost.]

While you may not alter any column without our permission or publish it anywhere other than the publications/websites agreed, we are always delighted to discuss any special requirements you may have and build them into your licence. For example, you may want to translate the columns or edit them for length to fit a space in your publication. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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We offer exclusive and non-exclusive syndication rights. "Exclusive" means that no more than one publication in any country may carry a particular column. Exclusive rights are naturally more expensive, but newspapers and magazines often want to make sure that competitors cannot access or publish the same information.

In some countries, newspapers may want to guarantee exclusivity only in a particular city or region. We may be able to arrange this, provided that there are no other licensees already taking the column in your country/region.

[Contact us to see if exclusive rights are available in your country,
or to discuss exclusive rights for a particular city or region.]

Unlike most syndication companies we have a fixed and transparent pricing structure, with discounts if you license more than one column.

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Of course, please also contact us to discuss any special arrangements, such as licensing to a group of newspapers or to multiple websites, etc.