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All the columns and horoscopes available from this site and syndicated under the name The Business Astrologer™ are written by the internationally-respected business and financial astrologer Christeen Skinner.

How Christeen Skinner uses business astrology

Christeen's place in the international astrological community

Christeen in the media

The Internet shares slump of May 2000

The Eclipse of August 1999

How Christeen Skinner uses business astrology

Christeen Skinner calculated her first chart in 1967. During the 1980s, she qualified with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London.

Christeen specialises in the study of planet cycles and their relationship with economic, social and political affairs. Her practice in London attracts major business clients from around the world, including retailers, bankers and stock traders among many others. These clients approach Christeen seeking to understand their own chart and/or that of their company. Other clients require an understanding of likely developments in world affairs as interpreted through planet cycles.

When working with individual clients, Christeen focuses on the following areas, which are also covered in her articles and astrology columns:

  • World social, political or economic trends.
  • Best times to launch new products.
  • Comparison of Directors' charts.
  • Annual forecasts.
  • Comparison of company charts for trading or take-over purposes.
  • Advice on press releases or in-house magazine production.
  • Assessment of research and development projects.
  • Advice on best times for re-launch of new company logo or image.
  • Analysis of particular difficulties, their likely time span and possible resolution.
  • Analysis of the astrogeography of a company or individual (showing just where on Earth certain experiences are likely to be attracted). Christeen uses this technique to comment on good areas for trade.
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Christeen Skinner's place in the international astrological community

As well as being a noted and much-quoted public commentator on astrology and business affairs, Christeen is active in the international astrological community and is respected by business and financial astrologers around the world.

She has been:

  • Chair of the Astrological Association of Great Britain
  • a Trustee of the Urania Trust (which promotes the better understanding of astrology internationally)
  • a member of the Council of the Faculty of Astrological Studies for nine years.

Christeen also teaches and lectures in astrology around the world and runs a series of seminars held in London which are attended by astrologers from many countries. Christeen's book, Money Signs, published by Hodder & Stoughton is a widely-respected guide to this branch of astrology and a standard reference for business astrologers.

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Christeen Skinner in the media

Christeen has appeared on radio and television in the UK, USA, Germany, Norway, Finland, Japan and Ireland. She gave a notably correct financial forecast on the BBC's Heart of the Matter programme in 1997, when her predictions of forthcoming market movements outperformed those of a banking analyst interviewed for the same programme.

She was interviewed on CNBC's look at the year ahead on 27th December 2000 and was also featured on UK television in Channel 4's Witness programme in the summer of 2000, during which she presented a "blind report" (i.e. a report prepared without prior discussion with the company) to Anita Roddick of The Body Shop, who subsequently described Christeen as "a marketing genius".

Although most of Christeen's work is exclusively for her business clients and for readers of her columns, she occasionally makes public predictions on business and financial matters.

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Early in 2000, Christeen publicly predicted a slump in the shares of dotcom companies in May:

"Four eclipses and a major planetary line-up in May [2000] signal bubble bursting in Internet stocks... according to Christeen Skinner. Christeen Skinner is ranked among the most respected financial astrologers in the UK, giving companies advice on takeover bids, new product launches and the individual charts of directors"

The Guardian,
January 2000


"Astrologers say that in May several planets will be in Taurus... Christeen Skinner says 'Internet stocks may suffer shocks and the way Uranus is moving means that we could be in for a crash there'"

Financial Mail on Sunday,
26th March, 2000


The slump came on schedule and was described as:

"This month's continuing global rout of technology and telecoms stocks..."

Financial Times,
22nd May, 2000

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In 1999, Christeen Skinner (along with other business astrologers) predicted problems for stock markets around the world during the first two weeks of August:

"Christeen Skinner... says: 'The markets are at their most vulnerable during the two-week period just before the eclipse, and investors should steer clear of them if at all possible.'"

Financial Mail on Sunday,
1st August, 1999

The crisis came on August 10th:

"Financial astrologers are still smirking from their successes at predicting market volatility around the time of the solar eclipse on 11th August this year... the FTSE 100 Index seemed to read the script, falling by 148 points on 10th August."

Bloomberg Money,
November 1999

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