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Bulgaria MapFreeCom International was established in 1988. 100% of the company's capital is privately owned. Our headquarters is situated in the downtown of city of Sofia (pop. 1.6 M) , capital of Bulgaria (pop. 8.5 M). We have 56 full-time and 215 part-time employees engaged in the company. Our total turnover for the fiscal 1995 was about $5,200,000. We became to be both whole and retail trading company. We have our own network of stores in Sofia and in the country too, as well as our warehouses in Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv.

The company's main business activities includes general export-import and trade, personal and special communication systems, surveillance and anti-surveillance equipment, real estates, medical equipment, Dolce Vita manufacturing, TV-spots production, translations, educational training courses, whole and retail sales of kitchenware and home appliances.

FreeCom Int'l was one of the founders in 1993 of the American-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, USA. The main goal of the ABCC is to promote Bulgarian business in USA.

Starting from 1995 FreeCom Productions - the subsidiary of FCI - successfully enter the TV-spot market abroad. We already have some 35-mm productions made for the Channel 2 of Israeli TV.

The company's foreign trade contacts allows us to became sole agents for Bulgaria of world's famous SOLINGEN products - table flatware, manicure sets, cutlery and knifes. Our company owns the exclusive rights for Bulgarian market of STORCH - the world's leader in painting tools and accessories. Voice Innovation's (the USA. Company) car alarm systems and Israeli instant water heater Atmor was first time introduced and very well marketed in Bulgaria by our company. Since 1995 the company starts producing Dolce Vita - probably the best sugar substitute ever.

There is a large NEWcharity and donation program in Bulgaria maintained by FreeCom Int'l aimed to help the people suffering from diabetes.

The company have a large activities in the field of enviromental protection and preservation in Bulgaria. It is a co-organizer of the Second International Exhibition HOTECO-EXPO '97 in Sofia, Bulgaria

We're dealing with far-east companies too. We have our representative offices in Los Angeles - USA, Munchen - Germany and Tel Aviv - Israel.

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