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Sample monthly column for April 2001

For thousands of years the study of planetary cycles has been shown to be an efficient tool for planning. Ancient Babylonians, Chaldeans, Mayans and others looked to the heavens for guidance in planting crops, foretelling important births and assessing the risk of attack. Today's astrologers study these same cycles to determine optimum moments for various types of events. Those in business may find practical assistance in choosing dates for launches, important meetings and signing contracts. They may also find it helpful to be aware of days when confusion or even deception could arise. This commentary piece is designed to pinpoint dates as listed above.

The two slow moving planets Saturn and Pluto hold the first of a short series of geocentric oppositions on 5th August. These relatively rare events last occurred in 1965/6 at the time of the cultural revolution in China. This same period witnessed many other crises and is associated with the need to draw back and to prune.

Whilst on its own this cosmic occurrence does not necessarily indicate deepening global recession it does indicate a tightening of cash flow and a reluctance to spend. Conversely it is a superb time for husbanding resources. Those who are prudent by nature may find their natural thrift envied by many and their advice sought often.

The opposition of slow moving planets highlights the need for social, economic and social change. The build up may be slow, but once the planets are 'in place' the pace tends to quicken. Harsh decisions may appear to be taken in haste when considerable discussion may have taken place in the preceding months. Nevertheless, those affected by changes made in August may feel that their case has not been adequately addressed. Deep and lasting hurts may be born if inadequate attention to the human toll is not given. This then does not promise to be an easy month for executives and managers who carry the weight of responsibility. Their burden may be heavy.

Given that most people will be aware of the slow down in global economies generally, many employees may fear the worst. Rumours could get out of hand this month and extreme care will have to be given to the wording of missives. Some may choose not to sit and listen to the full story when it is given and storm out of meetings before hearing the full facts. Such events could add to a general air of panic so that the selection of dates for giving accurate detail of forthcoming plans is perhaps more important this month than at any time. Of equal importance is the manner of delivery of unpalatable news. This should be rehearsed and considered many times before the event. Out-of-hours meetings on August 4th offer the best conditions for explaining decisions to middle managers.

Bleak as this may sound, August should not be seen as a month of doom and gloom for everyone. The economic picture may be harsh but not everyone will experience pain. Those born under the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces have been primed for change for many months. Some of these individuals may find that events work in their long-term favour enabling them to address the issue of the best environment and mode of living to develop their potential better.

The New Moon on August 19th aligns with the fixed star Regulus. This should give a boost to creative individuals who could find the third week of the month near perfect for coming up with innovative solutions to old problems. Designers might like to seize this opportunity to present new ideas on Wednesday 22nd. This same period is good for discussions with those working in research and development. Developers may feel that an idea is not yet ready for full exposure but could, perhaps, be encouraged to explain their thinking and strategy. Someone from a different department whose approach is very different could solve a problem with an apparently casual remark.

Solutions to several problems seem to hang in the air on August 24th. This should be seen as one of the better days this year for confronting issues and allowing everyone to have their say. Video conferencing that enables managers some distance away to take part might be helpful too.

An important planetary 'gear change' takes place in the last few days of August. Solutions to earlier problems may now be implemented and important clearing-up operations begun. Environmental concerns are likely to grow in the last few months of the year with campaigns growing against those companies who appear to ignore the issue. August 27th could prove a difficult day for those who show disregard for the concerns of others.

Those seeking capital investment or requiring extension of bank loans could find August tough. The banking industry is likely to be unsympathetic to calls for assistance and in some cases may even be seeking early repayment of loans. That said, new deals with sponsors could be cut on August 10th when even the most miserly may be amenable to arriving at some sort of workable solution. October promises even better understanding for those who can wait.

  • Best days for meetings: 3rd, 4th, 16th, 18th, 23rd, 27th and 30th
  • Best days for launches 4th, 27th
  • Best days for press briefings 3rd, 11th, 19th, 23rd and 30th
  • Worst days generally 2nd, 6th, 17th, 21st, 26th and 29th

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