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Sample monthly column for June 2001

This could be an important month for accountants. The first solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer for 16 years occurs on June 21st and does so at a solstice point. The effects of this are likely to be dramatic. A high percentage of successful companies have their incorporation date in this sign. Eclipses may be seen as marking both endings and beginnings. We may deduce from this that many companies will be signaling a change of direction. The first few weeks of June could see them turning to their accountants for advice on developing strategies for these proposed changes. Once the solar eclipse is past - and in the period leading up to the lunar eclipse in early July, the focus could move to crisis management. Stand by for meetings to be called at short notice.

Cancer is the sign associated with nest-eggs and savings. Most people react to an eclipse and this one is likely to focus people on the need to review financial security. Expect to be asked to comment on tax efficient savings. Issues about land and property may not be far from people's minds too and your opinion on these investments is likely to be sought. By the 21st, you might well be describing yourself as a financial counsellor rather than an accountant. Your rapport with an independent financial advisor comes under the spotlight mid-month. Your opinions may have differed leaving at least one client quite confused about which one of you has offered the best advice.

Clients' anxiety about financial complexities is likely to result in more, or longer, direct contact than usual. It's perhaps worth bearing in mind that hopes and fears may not be rational at the time of the eclipse itself. Clients then are likely to fall into two groups. There will be those who tell you more than you need to know and who prolong meetings as a result. Then there will be those who feel exposed by telling you anything at all. Obtaining required information from this secondary group could prove exceptionally difficult in the last ten days of June. Super sleuthing techniques may be required on Wednesday 20th when a client seems determined to disguise certain facts.

From June 5th - 29th Mercury, the planet associated with communications, appears to move backward across the sky. This implies a disruption in the regular flow of information. Anticipate that meetings will be arranged, rearranged, rescheduled and curtailed. The printing and presentation of accounts may not run smoothly either. The fault here is less likely to involve computers and new technologies but be due to human error and general lack of attention to detail. Colleagues who worked through a similar period in late May/early June 1995 could be reminded of those earlier experiences and put on red alert for comparable situations recurring. This may not stop awkward questions being asked of the most accurate of accounts but could ensure that the right people are on hand to deal with them.

Retrograde periods are not wholly negative. These periods are ideal for reviewing working practices, auditing, archiving and assessing database management. It would be preferable to wait until after July 5th before implementing change. Even so, assessing the benefits of even minor changes to certain routines could bring to light opportunities for streamlining of office costs.

These same periods can be ideal for training programmes. Clearly these would be better done before the solar eclipse (21st) when attention is likely to be needed elsewhere. Courses run in central venues where transport difficulties are likely to be minimal should net fine results. Those held during the week beginning 11th June are likely to be particularly successful.

11th - 14th June promises to be a good period for grasping new concepts generally. Frank exchanges may, in time, lead to better rapport and the building of greater trust. Maintaining lines of communication should be seen as a priority this week. It may fall to secretaries or personal assistants to coordinate diaries - don't forget to say thank you when this is done. Those who maintain the smooth running of the office could be highly sensitive in the latter half of June - especially if they feel their contribution has been under-valued. Expressions of appreciation should not be overlooked!

Your own interest in global accounting methods could grow this month. Those born under the Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) may find that their work requires greater travel than usual and that new opportunities open up as a result. Developing these contacts may need to wait until early autumn - giving ample time to review the potential for this new business development.

  • Best days for meetings: 2nd, 5th, 17th, 18th and 26th
  • Best days for presentations, tests or examinations: 8th, 14th, 19th and 30th
  • Best days for dealing with tax authorities: 5th, 14th and 15th
  • Red alert days for confused action and misinformation: 20th and 29th

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