The Business Astrologer™

Introduction to astrology for Marketing, Advertising
and PR Professionals

How can astrology help with marketing, advertising and PR?

Astrology and business

All astrology is essentially the study of cycles. This is particularly true in the case of business astrology. The planets orbit the Sun at different rates making different angles or aspects to one another as they do. Astrologers can draw conclusions and make projections and forecasts based on these aspects.

In addition, experienced business astrologers who have observed these cycles over a long period have discovered correlations between certain aspects and positions of the planets and certain business events.

PR, marketing and advertising

Astrologers see PR, advertising and marketing as the art and science of creating an impression, feeling or illusion about a product, service, brand or company. This is closely linked to the motion of the planet Neptune.

Ensuring that the impression/feeling/illusion is noted by as many people as possible is related to the interactive cycles of Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune.

So, choosing a day when these planets are in a good relationship to one another helps to get a message across easily and effectively. Expensive mistakes can be avoided by choosing days when these aspects occur. When the same planets are in poor aspect to one another, messages can be confused or fail to reach the required audience.

How marketing professionals use astrology

Some companies now retain business astrologers to help them identify the best dates for the launch of marketing campaigns or products. The most sophisticated approach takes into account what is happening astrologically at a given time and compares that to the cycles that were operating when the company itself was formed. In this way the company can convey its own mission statement at the same time as promoting a particular product or idea.

The Business Astrologer service

Even without the astrological data for the formation of a specific company, it is possible to identify positive and negative marketing/PR dates in any month. These will apply to all businesses. This general approach will still be of assistance in pinpointing specific dates and gives an outline of changing marketing conditions.

So, the monthly Marketing, Advertising and PR Review should be read in much the same way that a weather forecast is read. Upcoming storms will be noted along with days of better planetary weather.

Styles, colours, words and images can also be identified from the planets' aspects, giving creative material to the industry. This too is described in the monthly column. As the planets make their way through the twelve signs of the zodiac, general reaction to trends is noticeable.

For example: Venus, the planet associated with fashion, makes patterns with the other planets throughout the year. Study of this cycle shows how trends are likely to develop and when a public mood might radically alter.

In order to assist planners and managers, the Review also includes suggestions as to which dates are particularly good for meetings and which might be unproductive, as well as key dates for launches.

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