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How can astrology help accountants?

Astrology and business

All astrology is essentially the study of cycles. This is particularly true in the case of business astrology. The planets orbit the Sun at different rates making different angles or aspects to one another as they do. Astrologers can draw conclusions and make projections and forecasts based on these aspects.

In addition, experienced business astrologers who have observed these cycles over a long period have searched for - and found - correlations the cycles of the planets and certain business cycles. The litmus test has been correlation between stock market moves and planetary alignment. However, the orbits of the planets show strong links with human behaviour generally - and with particular industries and businesses.


Accountancy may be viewed as the study of balance. As well as needing to "balance the books", match incomings and outgoings, and reconcile transactions, it is the accountant's task in a wider sense to make sense of trading patterns and to show degrees of indebtedness incurred. Relationships are of vital importance here. As levels of trust and understanding are built, the accountant can help both clients and authorities alike to arrive at agreement.

It is helpful then for accountants to have understanding of the general mood of a period. By knowing in advance which dates might be better for some forms of dealing than others, the accountant can select optimum moments for certain types of work. Foreknowledge of dates when confusion might arise or when clients might withhold facts that later complicate delicate negotiations provides accountants with valuable insight.

As viewed from Earth, the planet Mercury, acknowledged as ruling trade and commerce, appears to move backwards in the sky for approximately three periods in every year. Whilst this does not always result in breakdown of communications, extra diligence is usually required.

The Business Astrologer service

The Business Astrologer's monthly Accountants' Review announces these periods when Mercury is retrograde and, since each is very different to the last, how they vary and what warning signals they afford. Equally, Venus, the planet ruling relationships, interacts with the other planets and analysis of the orbit of Venus is used to identify the best dates for arriving at agreements or signing contracts.

In much broader terms, the cycles of the outer planets show how different generations deal with age-old problems. Pluto, for example, takes 246 years to orbit the Sun. Since its move into Sagittarius in the early 1990s, issues about truth and reconciliation have gathered pace. By the half-way point in this cycle (2001-2), issues about accountability and morality are set to grab the headlines even more.

From the accountability of previous Heads of State in government to the need for international controls to ensure that different governments obtain the revenues they require to operate, this 'truth and justification' cycle will be apparent.

By alerting accountants to these changing attitudes and pinpointing specific dates when certain types of behaviour are likely to be most apparent, Accountants' Review gives accountants useful insights and early warning.

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