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About Business Astrology

Financial and business astrologers (sometimes called mundane astrologers) use a variety of techniques to make forecasts about the world about us. These forecasts can cover the climate, international relations, national politics, the stock markets, trade and commodities, as well as the fortunes of world leaders, national and multinational corporations, and business sectors like transport, communications or agriculture.

For many of their forecasts, astrologers look for correlations between the cycles of the planets and cycles in world political, business, economic and financial affairs. Occasionally, these may offer a clear cut picture. For example, when the planet Mercury is retrograde (appearing to travel backwards in relation to the Earth) there are often problems with communication, travel, postal services, and so on. But the astrologer's skill lies in considering the many different cycles that intersect at any moment in any place in order to understand their combined effect.

Astrologers also use the charts of individual companies, stock exchanges, world leaders and countries to assess the impact of these broader cycles on particular people and places.

For particular professions (see the columns on accountancy and marketing) astrologers can look at the movements of key planets associated with those professions, as well as considering broader trends (for example in fashion, decoration, travel) which may have an influence.

Here, as in all astrology, the most detailed and personalised forecasts can only be made about the impact of these external cycles on individuals or individual organisations, using their personal horoscopes. But investors, managers and employees in any business, as well as observers of world affairs can all gain insights from reading what business astrology has to say about what's on the horizon for the week, month or year ahead.

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