After the huge success of our collection in London and all over Europe, now we're proud to offer these exquisit hand-made gobelins/tapestries to your attention here - in our own online shop, organised in 10 categories/art-galleries.

We're proud to be listed by American Biographical Institute in 2001 Edition. We won the most prestigious "Geneva-2001 Gold Star for Quality" award. (more)

Here we've prepared more than 140 different ready hand-made gobelins - both classic (Wiehler) and unique (private artist collection). All of them are available for immediate purchase.

You'll get the finest hand-made quality and incredible pricing - less than $0.35/ petit-point-teil (1x1mm). ( * If you find better price for the same quality we'll return your money back!)

Here you can order YOUR OWN UNIQUE gobelin - exquisit picture of you, your family, your home, your pet -- anything you'd like to have forever and to be proud with!

Our Special Offer: FREE COURIER DELIVERY for the first 25 customers only! Don't miss!

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