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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Gobelin-making is an applied art with a long history. Its beginning was laid in the XV Century in France where the Gobelin brothers from Reims had developed a manufacture of decorative cloths and thus gave the name of Gobelin as an art. In 1662 the manufacture of gobelins was developed into Royal Manufacture in Paris.

Gobelins are decorative cloths of high artistic value, and they are hand-made in the form of carpets, draperies, furniture covers, pictures. Famous artists used to paint pictures for gobelins to be used as gobelin wall panels of enormous size.

Because gobelin manufacture is really labour-consuming, since the XIX Century smaller gobelin pictures have made their way and now they decorate many houses all over the world.

Wiehler Gobelin School is one of the most famous schools throughout the world.

The idea for creating Bulgarian gobelins emerged after the establishment of Wiehler Gobelin Agency in Bulgaria. Patriotism played the leading role in the creation of gobelins with Bulgarian subject matter - centuries-long Bulgarian history, varied way of life, rich cultural heritage, magnificent nature.

Bulgarian Gobelin has made it its ambition to win recognition as the Bulgarian Gobelin School. This activity gradually termed into a family business. My husband Assoc. Prof. Eng. Pasko Bakalov PhD takes participation in the technical work and the aesthetic arrangement of the gobelins. Our children and grandchildren are most enthusiastic about the business and help us a lot. Ruchenitsa gobelin after Markvicka's work is the pride of the firm and with its 17 faces it is a challenge to the Wiehler School and a worthy competitor too to the Last Supper with its 13 faces.

The collection "Bulgarian Rulers during the Ages" is dedicated to the new millenium and it is ment as our greetings to all Bulgarians wherever they may be at present. It was presented at our London exhibition, at the Rozhen Fair as well as in many towns in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Gobelin treats its admirers with great respect. All the necessary embroidery materials are arranged perfectly in special folders: canvas of appropriate size, a colours key with short instructions for use, cotton threads wound around small handy cardboard pieces, a small colour picture of the gobelin and a special embroidery needle.

To provoke love for embroidery work in the growing up generation, the firm offers a children's series with the most favourite heroes.

Bulgarian Gobelin executes single orders for patterns according to photographs, reproductions, pictures, pets and logos supplied by the customer. The only requirement is quality photographs.

A skilfully worked out gobelin on Bulgarian subjects is a perfect complement to the comfort at home. There is so much beauty in Bulgaria which is inexhaustible source for representation in gobelins.

Rossitza Bakalova, President
Bulgarian Gobelin Co.

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P.O.Box 59
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