The first 8 reasons to observe Millennium Eclipse
from Bulgaria:

  1. The maximum eclipse point is just 60 miles away from Silistra (click here to see the map)

  2. Extremely long Total Solar Eclipse duration: 2 min 22 sec (click here to see the table)

  3. Perfect conditions for watching Millennium Eclipse 1999 (All data is according to last 16 years of recording. Click here for comparision tables by countries):

    • Minimal temperature: 64º F

    • Maximal temperature: 81º F

    • Hours of sunshine: 10.1

    • Chance for Sunshine: 71%

    • Chance for clear sky: 97%

    • Days with Rain: 1.5 for the last 16 years

    • Days with Fog: 0.8 for the last 16 years

    • The chances for sunshine (71%) and clear sky are bigger than elsewhere

  4. 120 miles trip to follow the Sun during the Eclipse (see yellow line on the map)

  5. The Modern International Airport of Varna is available 24 hours a day

  6. The prices are very reasonable (for example: 4 stars hotel for just USD 60 per night)

  7. You can combine your trip for The Millennium Eclipse with a week of unforgetable holiday on the famous Black Sea coast

  8. If you are a Bulgarian Singles' member you can meet your future Bulgarian wife under such an unique circumstances and fantastic atmnosphere - watching together the Millennium Eclipse 1999

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