The Best Sugar Substitute Ever

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Otherwise it's seems you know how danger the sugar could be. One good idea is just to replace the sugar in our daily food intake with something else. This "thing" must be sweet as sugar, but with low or (if it is possible zero) calories. This "thing" must act as a replacement everywhere we are using sugar - in the morning tea or coffee, in the strawberry jam with pancake and in the all kinds of pies, cakes, biscuits etc. Sounds easy. One of the problems up to now was the taste of such a substitutes. In the best case they have a taste similar to the taste of sugar. The other main point is that almost every one of them can not resist on temperature - rather than sweet the taste become - well, I am sure you know what the taste of baked artificial sweetener is.

All of this is already into the past. The new sweetener DOLCE  VITA really makes it possible.


Dolce Vita - The Best Sugar Substitute Ever PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

    Shape: white, round, slightly biconvex tablets, 3 mm diameter
    Contents: Saccharin Sodium 15.75 mg/tabl = 12.5 mg/tabl Saccharin
    Sweetness: 1 tabl. is equal to 5 gr. of sugar (1 full tea spoon), 400-450 x
    Calories: zero
    Temperature resistance: up to 250 degrees Centigrade, without any change of the taste
    Side effects: none
    Harmless: yes
    Additives: none
    Expiry: 5 years
    Bulgarian Health Ministry's certificate #26-00-777/26.05.95
    Main substance made in Switzerland


    Consumer's unit: PE zipped bag with 100+ tablets.
    Merchandiser's unit: 200 consumer units in a full color display-box.
    Transport unit: 9 display-boxes per export carton card-box.
    500 card-boxes per 20' container

Dolce Vita - Display Box Full Of Surprises

Dolce Vita - The Best Sugar Substitute Ever BONUS !!!

    We are able to supply you FREE with cooking recipes for 24 different baked pies and cakes. English version is standard, another foreign language is available at request.

    On your demand we can make such a recipes for your customers' favorite cookbook. You and your customer will get up to 20% FREE of   DOLCE VITA !!! No, there is no any catch at all. You have to pay for 100 tablets (as stated on the cover label) but you will get up to 120 tablets. And this is not an error of our manufacturing. It is just a promotional trick. And this exceptional offer is valid just for a limited period of time. Samples are available by air-mail at request FREE


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