Tsunami With The Taste Of Sweetness
by Yana Michaylova, "DIABETES" Newspaper

It was a cold February Saturday. The people came early in the morning to get a place on the unbelievable line. All of this just because there will take place another charity action of FreeCom Int'l.

In Bulgaria there is about 250,000 people suffering from diabetes - a very huge group according to the population of 8.5 mil. Eating sugar is not allowed to them. They have to use some sugar substitute instead of natural sugar. Unfortunately almost all of them are under the existence minimum for the country. Because of the dramatic economical situation in Bulgaria the poor people there have to wait for such a charity gestures either from local companies or from abroad donations.

Having all these things in mind FreeCom Int'l regularly makes such an actions for FREE giving to the poor and elderly people suffering from diabetes something they really need - DOLCE VITA - sugar substitute, suitable for diabetics.

This another free giving was ran in one of the FreeCom's shopping places in Sofia - Trade Center "1002 Goods".


People came early in the morning to stay on the already too long line.
It's too said, but it's true!
There was a guard at the door to prevent riots.
There was also too old people needing some assistance. Reaching the desk all of them was smiling.... ....And some exchanging experience.
Walking around the shop to see what they can not afford themselves.
Finally she got it!
After all this - going back to the gray day!


It was the third charity giving of Dolce Vita in Bulgaria organized by FreeCom Int'l.

This time there was 2,368 people came to the place previously wide announced by National TV, National radio and newspapers too.

Totally from the first time up to the moment 12,720 people get their saccharin from FreeCom Int'l.

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